'When I Was a Twin' by Michael Klein

Good poets make us think; great poets make us imagine. And this is exactly what Michael Klein helps us do in his visceral, exultant, new collection of poetry and prose… read more

'The Talking Day' by Michael Klein

The Talking Day is a nuanced, poignant, humane and absorbing collection, making supple use of the intricacies and exquisite radiance of language…. read more

'Ninety Days' by Bill Clegg

Clegg has made relapse the subject and not recovery the subject. That self-proclaimed emphasis is this book’s great strength because the question posed from the very beginning of whether or not he’s going to do crack again or drink again is never really answered. In a large way, this is a book about not finding the answer, when most memoirs are poised to do the exact opposite… … read more

'Left-handed' by Jonathan Galassi

That a renowned editor and chief at a famous publishing house (Jonathan Galassi, Farrar Strauss & Giroux) should come out of the closet in middle age and be the subject of an article in The New York Times seems pretty odd in this day and age – particularly when the piece reads like a gossip… read more

Divining Gay Poets: Some Talk about Sex, the Soul, and Career

One of the most anticipated and exciting events at the Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, held this year in Chicago, was the reading for Michael Montlack’s new poetry anthology Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on their Muses (Lethe).  The conference, as always, was a highly successful event in which gay men, lesbians, and straight people… read more

'Touch' by Henri Cole

Can something true but unbearable happen out of the sense of wonder?  Is one addicted to the gaze that follows curiosity, however morbid?  I kept thinking about this idea while reading Henri Cole’s new book of poems, Touch.  What exactly constitutes wonder?  Is it casual, ordered, instinctual?  Is it considered wonder only when it ends… read more

Michael Klein: Still Living

“…. Writing should never be mawkish or sentimental!  Why bother?” Poet Tony Leuzzi interviews current Lambda Literary Award finalist Michael Klein about his latest collection, then, we were still living (GenPop). Among other things, they discuss what Klein calls the “hypocrisy of death glorification,” 9-11, and the difference between older and younger poets…. read more