Virgins No More: Writers on their First Book Signing

Signing your very first book is a landmark moment for all writers. It’s like your first crack at kissing or screwing or loving. Possibly, it’s a moment you recall in Technicolor. Or, maybe, it’s a sliver of time coated with murk and fuzz. … read more

Brian Centrone: New Writer, New Reader

An Ordinary Boy (Seventh Window Publications), Brian Centrone’s debut novel, is far from ordinary. Blending pop culture with the transitional woes of adulthood, Centrone verges toward a new, genre-crossing niche. This new writer aims for the new reader…. read more

Jameson Currier: Round and Round

“I wouldn’t say that I discover new writers or new talent, I discover stories. If what someone has written and sent to me is a wonderful read, I will help publish it.”

The author/publisher/editor Jameson Currier discusses his newest novel, What Comes Around, how he manages to find time for sleep, and his holiday wish list…. read more

Michael Lowenthal: Be My Little Baby

The Paternity Test (The University of Wisconsin Press) follows a contemporary gay couple as they attempt fatherhood. Author Michael Lowenthal poses a bevy of provocative questions: Can a child bandage a broken relationship? What ingredients make a suitable parent? Are we ever truly grown up enough to be authority figures? Lambda Literary sat down with Mr. Lowenthal and discussed what to expect when you long to be expecting…. read more

Tom Cardamone: The New Weird

Tom Cardamone’s newest work of fiction, Green Thumb, is described by Publisher’s Weekly as an “imaginative post-apocalyptic novella with New Weird sensibilities.” It may be slim in size, but this novella is surely a grand, grand tale. Mr. Cardamone chatted with Lambda and revealed more about Green Thumb, his love of music, Mad Max movies, and more…… read more

'The Dirty One' by Michael Graves

Set in the declining town of Leominster, Massachusetts in the 1980s, Michael Graves’ blistering debut collection Dirty One (Chelsea Station Editions) depicts the harrowing lives of working-class adolescents on the verge…. read more

Michael Graves: Literary Pop Hit

“Writing these pieces was almost like putting together an album. I wanted fifty-dollar words and I wanted to create literary pop. Colorful, fizzy, glitterized fiction.” Reviewer Richard Labonte recently branded Michael Graves “a next-generation master of prose” based on the strength of his startling original collection of short stories, Dirty One (Chelsea Station Editions). Tom… read more

Outwrite LGBT Book Fair Recap by Logan K. Young

Writer and man-about-town, Logan K. Young files a report on what he loved at this year’s inaugural Outwrite LGBT Book Fair. Unlike the rain that threatened, thankfully, the crowd was steady all day long. The inaugural OutWrite LGBT Book Fair , held on Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Washington, DC was stronger than many book… read more