GunnShots: Fall 2011

The end of a hot and extremely dry summer brought a number of enjoyable distractions. Richard Stevenson’s latest Don Strachey case shows author and P.I. back in top form, thirty years after their debut. There were second novels from Joseph R.G. DeMarco and Scott Sherman. Jordan Castillo Price and Andrea Speed continued their alternate universe… read more

Book Lovers: Bad Romance

Hate: A Romance, the Prix de Flore winning first novel by the young French writer and philosopher, Tristan Garcia (Faber and Faber), is a romance in the epic sense—much like Don Quixote or War and Peace.  It is a romance of the AIDS epoch in France from the early 80’s through the fin de siècle… read more

GunnShots: Fall 2010

As of mid-September, I have read 68 gay and M/M crime novels that appeared in print in 2010. Given the popularity of the “George Eliot strategy” and bogus biographies, I cannot be certain, but 28 of them seem to have been written by men and 40 by women. I would classify 33 as M/M romances using… read more

'Crook' by Michael Gouda

Why do the British seem to be so much better than Americans at depicting gay criminals? I’m thinking of Jake Arnott, Jack Dickson, among several others. Has it something to do with the British culture’s apparently ambivalent attitude about the Cambridge spies Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt and the racketeer Ronnie Kray as contrasted with… read more