Delany and Schulman "most underrated"

Samuel R. Delany (pictured left), Rigoberto Gonzalez, Achy Obejas, and Sarah Shulman are among PWxyz’s 60 most underrated writers in America. The piece began as a response to HuffPo’s 15 Most Overrated Writers list written by Anis Shivani the week of August 9th. Shivani’s list included more than a few scathing remarks of some LGBT… read more

'Another Life Altogether' by Elaine Beale

When Jesse Bennett’s family moves to a small town on northern England after her mother’s return home from a mental hospital, more than anything Jesse wants to fit in at her new school. At the center of Another Life Altogether is a classic adolescent conflict: Jesse wants to be, not an outsider, but an insider…. read more