The White Swallow Reading Series: Michael Cunningham reads with writers B.C. Edwards, A.M. Homes, and Justin Torres

The White Swallow Reading Series The White Swallow, a queerish reading series in Manhattan’s West Village, features emerging and established poets and fiction writers. Hosted monthly by Angelo Nikolopoulos. Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Cunningham reads with queer writers B.C. Edwards, A.M. Homes, and Justin Torres. B.C. Edwards is a producer at The Upright Citizens Brigade… read more

Batman and Robin, Friends or Lovers?

Batman and Robin, a couple? Jase Peeples sure thinks so. Check out a couple of strips that expose this “more than friendly” friendship between the two. Apparently, this news roundup has a theme, “Comics Made Me Gay,” by Dale Lazarov, is an essay in captions. Check out this captivating NSFW link at your own risk! … read more

14 HIV-Positive Characters in Literature

From Precious to Richard Brown When the HIV pandemic began to garner national attention in the early 1980s, it was met with general hysteria. Tenants believed to have AIDS were evicted from their homes and the Social Security Administration interviewed patients by phone, fearing the virus would be passed to employees through face to face… read more