'This Life Now' by Michael Broder

“The past is a foreign country,” wrote novelist L. P. Hartley in 1953’s The Go-Between. “They do things differently there.” This Life Now (A Midsummer Night’s Press), the debut collection from Lambda Literary Award finalist Michael Broder, foregrounds its narrator as the go-between for his current and past selves, to American decades where things were… read more

The Banal and the Profane: Michael Broder

“The Black Party was pretty great—a big space with machine-generated fog and deep house music, filled with all sorts of men, including many beautiful ones, wearing very little clothing, dancing, having sex, taking drugs (of which we did not partake), etc.”… read more

Five Poets Who Changed My Life

Dorothy Parker. My sixth grade English teacher, Anita Malta, gave us the poetry anthology Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle…and Other Modern Verse, edited by Stephen Dunning, Edward Lueders, and Hugh Smith. This was the first time I remember being invited to read and write poems. But in fact, I don’t remember any of… read more

Five Poets Who Changed My Life

I hate the idea of “life changing.” It’s terrifying! Who wants to consider their life as a serendipitous bricolage rather than a carefully considered plan? But one must repay good fortune with gratitude, and in that spirit, I thank these poets for their roles in my life. Tom Sleigh I’ve never told Tom this, but… read more