The Science of Writing a Successful Novel, The Portlandia Activity Book, and other LGBT News

In The News The Science of Writing a Hit Book Over at the A.V. Club, writer Jason Heller unpacks the implications of a recent Stony Brook University study that reveals the “mathematics” behind writing a successful book. On January 8, Inside Science reported that computer scientists at Stony Brook University had designed an algorithm allowing them to determine… read more

Monologue: A Thanksgiving Turkey Finally has its Say

Over at McSweeney’s, a Thanksgiving turkey has a few choice words about the popular Turducken dish, What’s wrong with a Turducken? Why am I so worked up? No reason. I’ve always wanted to be murdered and stuffed with two other birds. It’s the American dream. And to cap it off with a name like “Turducken,” you guys… read more

'White Girls' by Hilton Als

Reading White Girls one comes smack up against the most unpleasant of truths: America is neither post-racial, post-queer, nor post-feminist…. read more

Lucy Corin: Apocalypse Now

“I love reading from this book because I’ve never had these kind of responses to anything I’ve written. I think it’s because everyone has an apocalyptic fantasy life.”

Lucy Corin spoke to Lambda Literary about her new collection, One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses, end of the world fantasies, and her strengths and limitations as a writer…. read more

T Cooper: Adventures in Manhood

In his new book, Real Man Adventures, novelist T Cooper turns his searing lens and sharp wit toward himself to capture something of the elusive experience of what it means to be a man, more specifically, a man who was assigned female at birth. … read more