'Down to the Bone' by Mayra Lazara Dole

High school student Shai (pronounced Shy) doesn’t mind that the love of her life, Marlena, is closeted. They have shared a love neither of them can imagine being without, despite the intrusion of Rick, whom Marlena’s Puerto Rican family thinks is her perfect match. On Shai and Marlena’s second anniversary—which falls on the last day… read more

10 LGBT Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide & Bullying

In September, the suicide of 18-year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi was a tragic close to a shocking month of gay teens taking their own lives. Clementi’s dormmate secretly recorded the teen having sex with another man, sent out messages on Twitter and broadcast it across the Internet. Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge…. read more

10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads
(from the last 10 years)

When I wrote my first novel, Rainbow Boys, I was writing the book I wished had been available when I was a teen—a book that would’ve told me: “It’s okay to be who you are.” I never imagined that with its 2001 my book would set off an ever-growing parade of LGBT-themed books for and… read more