'Skin Shift' by Matthew Hittinger

The distinctive poetic vision creates its own climate to which a reader, going from tourist to townie, can happily adapt. By the time readers of Skin Shift (Sibling Rivalry Press) encounter a deer-crossing sign with anatomy defaced in black magic marker, in the penultimate section’s “Sitting in a WaWa Parking Lot,” they are attuned to the phrase’s… read more

RJ Gibson recaps AWP 2011

My 10 Favorite Moments of AWP This was the first time in the last couple years that I wasn’t working on grad school assignments while at AWP. With those requirements gone the whole thing is an entirely different beast. I think my answer this year is pretty much like last year’s (so forgive me if… read more

Yawp: Rocky Mountain High (AWP Recap)

Denver may not be exactly in the Rocky Mountains—its most mountainous feature is the white-capped roof of airport, situated on the flat plains east of the city, a lemon meringue pie for the gods.  But Denver is definitely a mile high, which meant that the breathlessness experienced by the poets and prose writers attending last… read more