‘#gods’ by Matthew Gallaway

Gallaway’s #gods is an ambitious, finely wrought novel that uses a variety of voices and innovative styles to explore issues of faith, religion, and connection in the modern world… read more

Matthew Gallaway: "Henry James was a seriously hot gay bear"

Opera, HIV, and The Velvet Underground Blogger and novelist Matthew Gallaway sat down at his computer to answer a few questions about his debut novel The Metropolis Case (Crown), (reviewed by David Blaustein last week), the burdens of blogging, and his ideal literary threesome…. read more

'The Metropolis Case' by Matthew Gallaway

Matthew Gallaway’s The Metropolis Case (Crown) is an ambitious, heady, intelligent and engaging first novel about the healing powers of art (with the healing powers of spontaneous combustive sexual couplings between musicians running a quick, close second). In Gallaway’s “Case,” music is the particular healing art form that is central to the book’s four protagonists—three of… read more