Mario López-Cordero: Fire Island Dreaming

“I have mixed feelings about the place—it can be incredibly beautiful and incredibly ugly—and that duality fascinates me.”

Author Mario López-Cordero spoke with Lambda Literary about writing his Fire Island based novel, Monarch Season, turning the standard gay “beach-read” on its head, and the Fire Island social scene. … read more

'Monarch Season' by Mario López-Cordero

Like many beach-themed novels in which a get-away is providing a much-needed escape from real lives, the intoxicating allure of hedonism and all-things illicit are the driving forces for many of the characters we meet in Monarch Season…. read more

Beyond 'Will & Grace'

I’ve read that the gay novel is dead, the category a ghetto, the niche an anachronism, and I realize, as a would-be novelist facing the maw of the computer screen, that I’m supposed to care about that kind of thing. But I don’t. Which is not to say I’m being willfully naïve. I am also a freelance… read more