'Part of It' by Ariel Schrag

Part of It, Ariel Schrag’s new collection of short autobiographical comics, follows a series of formative moments in the author’s life from childhood to young adulthood… read more

'The Evening Chorus' by Helen Humphreys

The power of The Evening Chorus is accumulation: a plot that unfolds at a comfortable pace, characters that feel usual, even ordinary, and thus interesting in their familiarity, and exquisite sentences… read more

'Happiness, Like Water' by Chinelo Okparanta

It is the opposition of expectations, more than opposition of cultures, which affects the characters in Happiness, Like Water, a debut collection of ten stories by Nigerian author Chinelo Okparanta. … read more

'Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir' by Nicole J. Georges

Nationally, Portland, Oregon is known for being a rainy green city of bicyclists, 20-something hipsters, and enough log-jammed trends from the nineties to fill a whole season of Portlandia. One of the ancient trends that still thrives in the Pacific Northwest is the making of zines. And while the nation at large may have discovered PDX… read more

Cris Beam: Balancing the Artful and the Representational

“I think that whenever you’re writing a book about a community or an idea that is widely misunderstood you are always balancing on this precipice between art, education, loyalty to the community and a feeling of responsibility to treat the topic very carefully.” Cris Beam’s new novel I Am J (Little, Brown Books) offers an in… read more