'Why Aren’t You Smiling’ by Alvin Orloff

Meet Leonard, a brainy 14-year-old dweeb growing up in 1970s Berkeley, California. He’s got the usual bright kid’s powers of observation, along with the ingénue’s ability to imagine a different world, where even he could thrive—other planets with less gravity, for instance, or perhaps if he were an inchworm. But in the meantime, he has… read more

'98 Wounds' by Justin Chin

Justin Chin stitches together a collection of stories in 98 Wounds that are visceral, unsettling, overwhelming, disturbing, poetic, beautiful, loving, and real. Be prepared to be emotionally and psychologically jarred; to be wounded and healed…. read more

'15 Ways to Stay Alive' by Daphne Gottlieb

Daphne Gottlieb’s latest poetry collection, true to its title, is a fight for survival in a world rife with conflict, oppression, disaster, and heartbreak. There is no respite. Moments of pure beauty are so few as to be jarring. This is poetry that tells its unflinching truth…. read more

'Lilac Mines' by Cheryl Klein

Lilac Mines was born a boomtown in the mining period of the late 1800s. Its boon was a silver mine. Lilac Ambrose was a miner’s daughter, who vanished into the mine in 1899. The novel Lilac Mines, Cheryl Klein’s first novel, plays out against the backdrop of uncovering what happened to young Miss Ambrose by… read more