Renee James: On Writing a Trans Crime Novel

Your novel has been self-published. It’s already won several indie awards. You tread new ground as a transgender author writing an authentic transgender heroine—one appreciative readers have both struggled with and adored. Your work is done now…right?… read more

'Playing by the Book' by S. Chris Shirley

Seventeen-year-old high school student Jake Powell is spending the summer at the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism. He’s the son of a preacher from Alabama and rather green around the edges—and he’s gay. Luckily, he’s smart and funny, and when he dodges preaching another failed sermon (a task at which he is apparently not good)… read more

Editing Ben Gazzara

Acclaimed actor Ben Gazzara died two years ago this month. Magnus Books editor Don Weise recalls working with Gazzara on his memoirs and reflects on the actor’s substantial legacy.   “Darling, stop being a cocktease and send me your goddamn edits.” No, this wasn’t Truman Capote phoning. It was movie tough-guy Ben Gazzara eager to get started… read more

‘The Red Shoes’ by John Stewart Wynne

John Stewart Wynne’s The Red Shoes, set in contemporary New York City, is a beautifully dark queer re-visioning of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale of the same title. … read more

Mario López-Cordero: Fire Island Dreaming

“I have mixed feelings about the place—it can be incredibly beautiful and incredibly ugly—and that duality fascinates me.”

Author Mario López-Cordero spoke with Lambda Literary about writing his Fire Island based novel, Monarch Season, turning the standard gay “beach-read” on its head, and the Fire Island social scene. … read more

'American Hipster: A Life of Herbert Huncke, the Times Square Hustler Who Inspired the Beat Movement' by Hilary Holladay

Herbert Huncke, heretofore a footnote in biographies of the Beats, has long deserved his own biography, and in American Hipster (Magnus Books), Hilary Holladay, a renowned Kerouac scholar, has given us a fascinating portrait of the man who gave the Beat movement its name. Born in 1915, Huncke was raised in Chicago by ill-matched middle-class… read more

'Monarch Season' by Mario López-Cordero

Like many beach-themed novels in which a get-away is providing a much-needed escape from real lives, the intoxicating allure of hedonism and all-things illicit are the driving forces for many of the characters we meet in Monarch Season…. read more

Don Weise: Magnus Rising

“I think debates over what makes a book great are largely among writers and people who teach literature. The rest of us I don’t think really care. I’d say we’re more interested in whether we connect with a book…”

Publisher Don Weise took some time to talk with the Lambda Literary about his publishing imprint, Magnus Books, the future of LGBT publishing, and what characteristics make a book “great.”… read more