'The Big Bang Symphony' by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s deftly structured novel of Antarctica, The Big Bang Symphony (Terrace), is confidently intelligent in tone, and delightfully complex. Its narrative is character-driven: authentic, pragmatic, witty, at times too serious but talented, grounded, and blessedly flawed. The Big Bang Symphony is a big slice of life at the… read more

LGBT Authors Ally With Borders on World AIDS Day-San Francisco

Panel Appearance Benefits Lifebeat—Music Fights HIV SAN FRANCISCO—Authors Michael Thomas Ford, Lucy Jane Bledsoe and Monica Nolan will appear on a special lunchtime LGBT author’s panel on Wednesday, December 1 at 12:30 PM at the Union Square Borders in San Francisco. The signing is part of December One at Borders, a series of special events at stores nationwide… read more

Book Buzz: Summer Must Reads

Book Buzz asked its regular contributors to share their “must read” book this summer and tell us why it’s at the top of their list. Here’s what we got…. read more

Dispatches from Saints & Sinners 2010: Part 2 Opening Night Party

The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival kicked off with a reading from the anthology New Fiction from the Festival, upstairs at the Bourbon Pub’s Parade disco. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that room when all the lights were on. My high school pals and I used to sneak in and dance there in… read more

Book Buzz: March 2010

Book Buzz is a monthly column of news and noteworthy tidbits from the LGBT writing and publishing community…. read more