'Ninety Days' by Bill Clegg

Clegg has made relapse the subject and not recovery the subject. That self-proclaimed emphasis is this book’s great strength because the question posed from the very beginning of whether or not he’s going to do crack again or drink again is never really answered. In a large way, this is a book about not finding the answer, when most memoirs are poised to do the exact opposite… … read more

Chad Harbach: The Strategies of Baseball, Friendship, and Love

“…I don’t want to try and boil down the book, but I just think there’s a whole kind of crazy spectrum of the way that men feel about each other and interact with each other that doesn’t often get described”

The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach’s bestselling literary jock novel—named one of the NY Times’ “10 Best in 2011”— astutely maps the complicated and intense relationships of a set of baseball players at a fictional college campus.

Lambda Literary ambushes Harbach with questions on his novel’s tone, as ripe with homoeroticism as any locker room. And the author gamely replies.

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'I Am J' by Cris Beam

What happens when you identify as an adolescent male on the inside, but the outside world—including your conventional Puerto Rican and Jewish parents, your classmates and sometimes even your best friend— see you as female? Author Cris Beam was “inspired to write I am J more than ten years ago while researching her first book,… read more

23 Highly Anticipated* Books of 2011

AWP 2011 was abuzz with old friends and new friends alike. In between the lectures, panels, readings, and receptions we compiled this list of new and forthcoming books that authors, publishers, editors and readers are already buzzing about. What books are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below…. read more

New in September

September signals the start of the official fall book season, one of the busiest times of the year for publishers and authors alike. Some exciting fiction titles this month include Monique Truong‘s Bitter In the Mouth (Random House)—we interviewed Truong last month—and Yield (Kensington), the exciting debut from Lee Houck. In nonfiction, we’re excited about… read more