Speculative Dimensions: July 2011

Introductions… Welcome to the revamped speculative fiction corner of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s website. Here’s the spot where chimera rules. We’ll be introducing you to shining new lights in the spec-fic universe and spotlighting the darkest, most fantastical works with reviews and interviews with their creators. … read more

'Palimpsest' by Catherynne M. Valente

Lambda Award Winner Palimpsest limns a city that is literally written on the body – a sexually transmitted geography, whose map appears in fragments on the skin of ordinary humans after they sleep with someone already infected. While the city’s full time inhabitants are born, live and die there, these temporary migrants can only spend… read more

'The Stone Gods' by Jeanette Winterson

What were the inhabitants of Easter Island thinking when they cut down the last tree to make their stone gods–and augured their own extinction? That question has been posed time and again by scientists, anthropologists and writers. In her latest novel, Jeanette Winterson posits that humans are hardwired in their DNA for self-destruction and so… read more