On Meeting Harry Hay

“[…] gay activist-leaders of the old school can be tough and enduring (Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon, Barbara Gittings, Frank Kameny among them), and Harry was no exception.”… read more

Martin Duberman: History Lessons

“I think more gay people need to acknowledge that we have had a different experience growing up and therefore our relationships are somewhat different and our general stance on the world is much more ironic and anti-authoritarian than the mainstream…”

Noted writer and historian Martin Duberman took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about the history of the LGBT movement and the future of radical politics…. read more

'Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution' by Linda Hirshman

It’s impossible for me to discuss this history of the gay rights movement without noting that on the day I finished reading, the morning news announced the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina and the evening news led with President Obama’s “evolution” into a supporter of marriage equality. Should Victory become a best-seller, each subsequent reprint will… read more

Penny Arcade: 'An Old Queen's Tale'

“No more Harry M. Koutoukas, Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling, Robert Beers, Marsha P. Johnson, International Chrysis, Douglas Fisher, Ritta Redd, Tony Ingrassia, Jack Smith, Charles Ludlam, Bunny Eisenhower, Frances Francine, Taylor Mead or the others—many others whose names even I have forgotten—names once famous in gay circles. They are mostly gone now, but I walk with them still and I know I always will.”

In this excerpt from the recently released essay collection Love, Christopher Street: Reflections of New York City (Vantage Point Books), the incomparable performance artist and writer Penny Arcade offers an elegiac, touching, and humorous remembrance of queer times now since passed…. read more

'Harriet Hosmer: A Cultural Biography' by Kate Culkin.

Kate Culkin looks at the influences of spiritualism, the new feminism, the decline of Romanticism and the rise of Modernism, on Harriet Hosmer and her work. Considered the foremost woman sculptor of her time, Hosmer portrayed the image of strong women, unbowed, even when crushed under patriarchal power…. read more