'Fighting Gravity' by Leah Petersen

Leah Petersen’s debut book is touching, emotional; a comfortably domestic love story set against the backdrop of politics in an empire that spans the galaxy. Our narrator, boy-genius Jacob Dawes, is an oddly mature child who “steps between a punch” at six, is chosen for relocation to the Imperial Intellectual Complex at eight, and “makes… read more

'The Difference Between You and Me' by Madeleine George

Jesse, an out and proud high school aged lesbian, makes use of every computer font available to design a manifesto she papers over the high school walls. The manifesto, that composes the book’s introduction, demands justice for “Weirdos, Freaks, Queer Kids, Revolutionaries, Nerds, Dweebs, Misfits . . . ” and other “labeled” individuals. … read more

Emily M. Danforth: Exploring Compelling Young Adult Characters

“What I hope The Miseducation of Cameron Post offers to its readers is a nuanced picture of a particular time and place as seen through the eyes of a young woman discovering her sexuality and her voice.”

Author Emily M. Danforth sat down to answer a few questions about her new book, The Miseducation of Cameron Post , her thoughts on LGBTQ YA novels, and writing and growing up gay in Miles City, Montana.

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Laura Goode: Making Mischief

“It’s that gay kid in Minnesota, surrounded by people who practice intolerance, who needs to know that there are adults out there rooting for him or her. That was a big motivator for me in writing a gay coming of age story, feeling like there are kids out there who need help…”… read more

'Brooklyn, Burning' by Steve Brezenoff

Steve Brezenoff’s latest novel tells the story of a street-kid in Brooklyn accused of burning down a local warehouse. However, the more interesting storyline in Brooklyn, Burning has little to do with the fire, but focuses on the protagonist’s love interests, particularly a newly arrived street-kid who is also a gifted singer…. read more

Young Adult: Under the Influence of Books

We at Lambda Literary asked a bunch of our favorite queer and allied authors, filmmakers and artists (Bruce LaBruce, Susan Miller, Simon Doonan, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, and many more) to answer the question: when you were younger, what was your favorite YA novel? And why?… read more

'Beauty Queens' by Libba Bray

Don’t be misled by the bikini-clad model on the cover of Beauty Queens (Scholastic Press); this is decidedly not a simple hot-girls-on-an-island story. Author Libba Bray, a Printz award-winner, addresses corporate abuse of power, the culture of fear that is perpetuated through advertising, and restrictive gender binaries in this engaging book…. read more

'From Where We Sit: Black Writers Write Black Youth' edited by Victoria A. Brownworth

Young adult fiction has come a ways since the blonde-haired, blue-eyed yesterdays of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High and the prolific Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine thriller mills of paranormal and “whodunit?” teen mysteries. Today’s YA literature—like National Book Award Finalist Walter Dean Myer’s Monster, Coretta Scott King Book Award Winner Angela Johnson’s First Part… read more

'Rainy Day Recess' by David Kelly

While scientists argue over the causes of sexual orientation, most gay kids know at an early age (or are quickly made aware) they’re gender non-conforming, and their attraction towards the same sex also begins in childhood. But children’s literature is still pretty squeamish about admitting this…. read more

Nathan Manske: From Miami to Wasilla

Blogger, Editor, Storyteller On March 24, 2009, then ad man, Nathan Manske, 30, launched a site that he hoped would uplift the growing number of LGBT teens who meet and network online—many who struggle without allies or resources. imfromdriftwood.com was inspiration by Gus Van Sant’s award-winning biopic, “MILK,” starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. “The… read more