'Husky' by Justin Sayre

Husky tells the story of Davis, an overweight, smart, likeable, and genuinely decent boy on the cusp of facing middle school, where a whole new set of rules, rituals, and priorities face him and his cohort of friends… read more

In Remembrance: Nancy Garden

Nancy Garden, author, editor, LGBT activist, former theater maven and teacher, died suddenly on the morning of June 23 of a massive heart attack. She was 76…. read more

'Secret City' by Julia Watts

In the vast sea of YA novels, there used to be a dearth of stories for the LGBTQ community. Slowly but surely, though, new young authors are penning fiction that reflects a more authentic, diverse world. Julia Watts’ Secret City is an important addition to the genre…. read more

Aaron Hartzler: Waiting for the Rapture

“A librarian who read the book recently contacted me and said, ‘I loved your book, I just wish there had been more gay content in it.’ Of course my response was, ‘Me TOO!’ I wish I had been able to knock down the closet door at 16 and take the world by storm.”

Aaron Harzler explores sexuality and religion in his young adult memoir Rapture Practice, published this month by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers…. read more

Watch the Trailer for Kristin Cronn-Mills' 'Beautiful Music for Ugly Children'

This October author Kristin Cronn-Mills’ second novel Beautiful Music for Ugly Children (Flux) hit bookstore shelves. The young adult novel tells the story of a transgender teenager’s journey into love, acceptance, and adulthood. It has been described as a novel “so sharp, so moving, so real, and so good, you want to press it into everyone’s… read more

'Cornered: 14 Stories of Bullying and Defiance' edited by Rhoda Belleza

In the light of the recent revelation that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have bullied a fellow student in high school, something said by character in “The Shift Sticks,” Josh Berk’s story in this collection, gains unexpected relevance. When teenager Bryan Forbes says, “It wasn’t that bad, was it?” to Tiffany Sanz, a girl… read more

Let the Wild Rumpus Start: The Power of Maurice Sendak

Yesterday morning, as the New York Times published their obituary of one of the world’s most beloved illustrators, Maurice Sendak, I watched the mourning spread across the queer Internet. His quotes came up in Facebook statuses, user pictures changed to picture books, twitter users tweeted links to YouTube interviews , as slowly, collectively, we grappled with the realization… read more