The Banal and the Profane: Conner Habib

“A parking ticket in the morning always feels portentous. Is this going to be a ‘bad day?’ or, since it’s Monday, a bad week? As if there were such a thing. I eat good food, I hang out with friends. But a parking ticket is the flash of a hex.”… read more

‘An Unnecessary Woman’ by Rabih Alameddine

“[…] Rabih Alameddine’s An Unnecessary Woman sets forth a different definition of a ‘reader’s novel’:  this is a novel for voracious readers of literary fiction and fiction in translation.”… read more

Virgins No More: Writers on their First Book Signing

Signing your very first book is a landmark moment for all writers. It’s like your first crack at kissing or screwing or loving. Possibly, it’s a moment you recall in Technicolor. Or, maybe, it’s a sliver of time coated with murk and fuzz. … read more

Red-framed Glasses and a Gold Star: The Art of Writing Good Fiction

“…good writing—good fiction—begins with an idea. And this idea has to have a soul, a pulse, a heartbeat; it has to live and breathe. And this living and breathing idea grows into a narrative through cultivation (constant revision) and dedication (consistent writing).” When I was recently asked, “What do you think makes good fiction?” I… read more

Chavisa Woods: Beyond the Narrative

“If you’re writing a big sprawling book about America, and racism doesn’t come up at all, well, I would wonder about that.”

Author Chavisa Woods was kind enough to talk to Lambda Literary Review about her new book, The Albino Album, her responsibilities as a writer, and what’s next in her literary career…. read more

The Banal and the Profane: Martin Wilson

“…I woke up with the same thought I always wake up with: This is the week I’ll get more writing done.

“The Banal and the Profane” is a monthly Lambda Literary column in which we lift the veil on both the writerly life and the publishing industry.

This month’s “Banal and Profane” column comes to us from book publicist and author Martin Wilson…. read more