'Country' by Jeff Mann

Brice Brown, country music star & protagonist of Jeff Mann’s Country, has little to be thankful for. After battling self-pity, self-loathing, religious bigotry, and just general small-town small-mindedness, Brice finally ascends from the downward spiral when a fan visits him on New Year’s Day. … read more

‘The Padisah’s Son and the Fox’ by Alex Jeffers

Winner of the Lambda Award for Gay Erotica 2014 In the 1978 Oliver Stone film Midnight Express, a young American is sent to a prison in Turkey for attempting to smuggle hashish out of the country. I was thinking again about this dark movie as I was reading The Padisah’s Son and the Fox, a… read more


Welcome Back, Joe Joe Harding has come home after an eighteen-month tour of duty in Vietnam in Elliott Mackle’s latest Joe Harding book, Welcome Home, Captain Harding from Lethe Press. Mackle has a way of opening our eyes to the present by remembering the past. Just as our Afghan troops are recycled in and out… read more

Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Dreams Come True

Missionary Position Companions (Nich’ooni) is an astonishingly powerful self-published novel by Jed A. Bryan (BecHavn,2012) that explores two unfamiliar American folk cultures, the Mormon Church and the Navajo Nation. In 1968, young Anglo missionary, Elder Johnny McKay is teamed up with his Pueblo-German missionary companion, Elder Geoffrey Rama, to preach the Mormon faith to “God’s… read more

Book Lovers: March

“Split” Split is a not-to-be-missed first novel by bi Canadian writer Mel Bossa (Bold Strokes Books, 2011).  Bossa uses the clever strategy of telling her tale of adult romance through the background of a rediscovered teen diary.  The diary effectively contextualizes and adds tension to the adult story line.  Derek O’Reilly, or Red, is presented… read more

Divining Gay Poets: Some Talk about Sex, the Soul, and Career

One of the most anticipated and exciting events at the Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, held this year in Chicago, was the reading for Michael Montlack’s new poetry anthology Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on their Muses (Lethe).  The conference, as always, was a highly successful event in which gay men, lesbians, and straight people… read more

'Mere Mortals' by Erastes

Despite having heard of Erastes, I had never read one of her novels before this one. That will change. If her other novels carry the same impactful storylines and diversity of characters as Mere Mortals, I have some great reading ahead of me…. read more

New in February UPDATED

“Make It Be Spring!” Here’s a list of new LGBT-relevant books to help us cope with the impending winter storms. From Homo Thugs to Shakesqueer, we’ve got it all. Kelley Eskridge‘s acclaimed novel, Solitaire (Small Beer), was reissued late last month and we hope to bring you a Q&A soon. Reality TV-show star Tabatha Coffey has… read more

'Time After Time' by JP Bowie & 'The Rest of Our Lives' by Dan Stone

TIME AFTER TIME JP Bowie MLR Press ISBN: 9781608200566 Paperback, 288p Lambda Award Finalist Michael, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, is bequeathed a large sum of money along with property on the English countryside. He soon learns the house was the former home of his gay uncle, whose partner died under mysterious circumstances and… read more