'Taken By The Wind' by Ellen Hart

Ellen Hart is a Minnesota based author who has written twenty previous mysteries featuring Jane Lawless and her best friend, Cordelia Thorn. Hart writes in the gay mystery genre, however she has successfully crossed over to be popular with straight readers as well…. read more

'The Bone Bed' by Patricia Cornwell

A new Kate Scarpetta novel is always highly anticipated by devotees of lesbian detective fiction. Patricia Cornwell has been much in the news these days, and not just because of her new novel, The Bone Bed (Putnam), the 20th in her Kay Scarpetta series and her 30th book…. read more

'The Retribution' and 'The Vanishing Point' by Val McDermid

Some of our finest writers are authors of crime fiction. Russell Banks, James Ellroy, Patricia Highsmith, P.D. James and of course, Val McDermid. These writers don’t just tell a detective tale, they peel back the layers of human experience to reveal all the gory bits we try never to see up close…. read more

'Rest for the Wicked: A Jane Lawless Mystery' by Ellen Hart

When Jane Lawless, newly minted private eye, receives a voicemail message from her PI partner’s nephew, she has no idea that he’s already dead. DeAndre Moore was knifed outside a strip club, Gaudy Lights, before Jane ever had a chance to contact him. DeAndre’s uncle, Alf Nolan, is stunned. Alf’s sister had adopted DeAndre many… read more

Amanda Kyle Williams: Creating Kick-Ass Women

Mystery writer Amanda Kyle Williams first made her mark on the publishing world in the early 90s with the Madison McGuire novels from Naiad Press. Madison was Williams’ answer to The Avengers’ Emma Peel – a redheaded, kick-ass, deep cover operative, who happened to be a lesbian. Twenty years later, Williams is now with Random House and her new kick-ass heroine is Keye Street, a former FBI analyst tracking serial killers across the south, who happens to be straight. 

Williams took some time to talk with Lambda about her inspirations, her writing process, and creating well-rounded characters…. read more

'Hide and Snake Murder: A Shay O'Hanlon Caper' by Jessie Chandler

Life has a way of getting complicated for Shay O’Hanlon. A thirty-something lesbian, Shay is co-owner of the Rabbit Hole, a coffee shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, her hometown. Shay has had a reputation for being the “Tenacious Protector” of her family and friends, standing up to bullies since grade school. When she was ten years… read more

'Molly: House on Fire' by R.E. Bradshaw

In Molly: House on Fire, a once-and-casual character in other R.E. Bradshaw books gets her own starring role.  High profile defense attorney Molly Kincaid is smart and successful.  Opponents fear her, and rightly so.  However, her past catches up with her and she must make some difficult choices when she reluctantly returns to the town… read more

Bits & Pieces: Summer Lesbian Mystery Roundup

With yet another global warming summer upon us, it’s time to head to the beach, the mountains or maybe just to an air-conditioned room with some good suspense reading. And if perhaps there’s a little romance tossed in, who could complain? Some of us never need an excuse to read mysteries or romance, but for… read more

'Ill Will' by JM Redmann

Ill Will (Bold Strokes Books) is book number seven in the powerfully engaging Micky Knight series, and upon finishing this latest installment, readers will be left begging for more. In the opening, Mickey and her lover Cordelia have reunited, and two years have passed since the dramatic post-Katrina events that unfolded in Watermark. … read more