'The Family Tooth' by Ellis Avery

The Family Tooth is a collection of essays closely observed and artfully rendered; it is a creative non-fiction story that covers a period of sickness and death in one woman’s life… read more

'Body Geographic' by Barrie Jean Borich

In her third creative non-fiction book Body Geographic, creative writing professor Barrie Jean Borich traces the development of her identity as an American, a Midwesterner, a woman, a lesbian, and a writer. … read more

'L Is For Lion' by Annie Rachele Lanzilloto

This sprawling narrative could be called an Italian memoir, a Bronx memoir, a cancer memoir, a veteran father memoir, a 1960s childhood memoir, a mother-daughter memoir, or a lesbian memoir…. read more

'Licking the Spoon' by Candace Walsh

Food is, of course, the perfect metaphor for Walsh’s life: through much stumbling, there is a persistent desire to find the right dish, the perfect spice, the ingredient that brings it all together…. read more

Alison Bechdel: The Personal and the Familial

“Writing a memoir about living people in your family is a problematic undertaking . I think I only do it because my family was so screwed up in a very particular way.” I haven’t spoken to my mother in over a decade, and I’m a total sucker for troubled mother dyke-daughter stories. I’m also a… read more

Jackie Kay: Living Inside a Story

“In a curious way, we are what we read, much more than we are what we eat.” Scottish author Jackie Kay won the Guardian Fiction Prize for her novel Trumpet(Picador), based on the life of American jazz musician Billy Tipton, born Dorothy Tipton, who lived as a man for most of his life. She is… read more

'Mean Little Deaf Queer' by Terry Galloway

Lambda Award Finalist We’ve all kept things to ourselves while we figure them out.  And often, the figuring has most to do with how to negotiate our peculiarities in a hostile world.  As a child, Galloway was confronted with a number of circumstances that caused her silent contemplation. Now that she has a few things… read more

'Hammer!' by Barbara Hammer

“A film rests in a can until it’s screened but a book can be opened at any time by anyone in any country.” Opening Barbara Hammer’s new book, Hammer! Making Movies Out of Sex and Life, is as delightful as viewing one of her more than eighty films. The book is ordered by decade beginning… read more

'The Other Side of Paradise' by Staceyann Chin

Spoken word artist and political activist Staceyann Chin lowers her voice a few decibels to deliver a surprisingly quiet and touching memoir about growing up in Jamaica in the 70s and 80s. Though she’s born in the small town of Lottery and lives out her adolescence in the town of Paradise, Chin’s early years are… read more