Hilary Sloin: Fiction on Fire

“I put everything I had into this book, stayed with themes even when they stumped me, wrote from the darkest places and tried to find the humor to make even the most painful feelings knowable, communicable.”

Hilary Sloin, author of the genre-bending novel Art on Fire , took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about her novel, her writing process, and the lesbian literary sensibility…. read more

Who's Afraid of Sexy Women?

I remember this moment when I was much younger, about eight or nine, at my grandma’s house. We were watching a movie with a woman singing in a bright blue dress made of tiny blue sequins. Her hair was brushed back, smooth like caramel, and I remember thinking that she was very pretty. A crowd… read more

In Remembrance: Barbara Grier

Barbara Grier, publisher, activist, archivist and lesbian-feminist hellraiser, died November 10th in Tallahassee, Florida, where she had lived for years with her partner of four decades, Donna McBride. She was 78.

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Ayana Mathis: The Absence of Joy

“I’m all for a good dose of literary misery, but I can’t help wonder if there aren’t additional meaningful, and dramatically potent, channels into the heart of the human experience, another way to infusion cells. What about joy?”

Writer Ayana Mathis explores the transformative power of joy in literature. … read more