'The Devastation' by Melissa Buzzeo

The Devastation opens on the scene of two lovers at the bottom of the ocean, the ‘Devastation’ having swept away their language and identities. The text that follows strives to give form to such an existence… read more

'Anatomy of a Girl Gang' by Ashley Little

Anatomy of a Girl Gang rotates among the first-person perspectives of its five teenage protagonists, members of the title gang, who form and disband with a bang over the course of a couple of seasons in Vancouver. … read more

‘Letters Never Sent’ by Sandra Moran

In Letters Never Sent, we meet Katherine Henderson, a young farm girl with a desire for big city adventure. She moves from a small town in Kansas to Chicago and finds a job at a Sears and Roebuck’s glove counter. The year is 1931 and Katherine is full of hope for her future. As a… read more