A.K. Summers: Tales of the Pregnant Butch

“… I was talking it over with a friend who asked what I thought I would look like pregnant. Without thinking, I answered, ‘like a pregnant Tintin,’ and drew her a sketch of the boy reporter with hair flip, knee britches and beach ball under his sweater. For me, this image represented a best-case scenario for how I might embody pregnancy.”… read more

'The Art of Jaime Hernandez' by Todd Hignite; Intro by Alison Bechdel

The art of Jaime Hernandez is wonderful. It’s subtle, contemporary, and emotionally satisfying. I cannot say the same about the book “The Art of Jaime Hernandez.” Not even close. I wish I could write enthusiastically about it. I would love to bring attention to Jaime Hernandez’ artwork. But Tim Hignite’s retrospective coffee table-tome is filled… read more