A.K. Summers: Tales of the Pregnant Butch

“… I was talking it over with a friend who asked what I thought I would look like pregnant. Without thinking, I answered, ‘like a pregnant Tintin,’ and drew her a sketch of the boy reporter with hair flip, knee britches and beach ball under his sweater. For me, this image represented a best-case scenario for how I might embody pregnancy.”… read more

Translating 'Fun Home'

Let me be blunt: it is pretty freaking amazing to have a major musical production about a lesbian, and a butch lesbian to boot. A part of me is still a bit dumbfounded, “Did I really just see a butch lesbian on the stage of the Public Theater?”… read more

'Blue is the Warmest Color' by Julie Maroh

The long-awaited English translation of Blue is the Warmest , originally published in French as Le bleu est une couleur chaude, is a deeply compelling story, in large part due to its thorough exploration and attention to character…. read more

'Spandex: Fast and Hard' by Martin Eden

Martin Eden’s characters proportions are more indie than mainstream superhero – don’t come here if you’re looking for massive thighs or monstrous breasts. His drawing style is simple but emotionally expressive enough to draw you into the characters and inspire you to follow their stories. … read more

'Gay Genius' edited by Annie Murphy

Gay Genius comes with its own definition at the back of the book. The Romans thought genius was a guardian spirit, but it also means an influential person or one with high mental ability. Readers are given sample usage as well: “Your gay genius astounds me” or “ Last night my gay genius appeared to… read more