'For Your Own Good' by Leah Horlick

For Your Own Good is a testimony, a warning, a summoning of all female power to come forth and just be still. Horlick’s sophomore collection is so vulnerable and accessible that I’m sure I’ve written the same poems in my own mind. This beautifully painful collection exposes Horlick for what she really is, a Woman…. read more

Virgins No More: Writers on their First Book Signing

Signing your very first book is a landmark moment for all writers. It’s like your first crack at kissing or screwing or loving. Possibly, it’s a moment you recall in Technicolor. Or, maybe, it’s a sliver of time coated with murk and fuzz. … read more

'Riot Lung' by Leah Horlick

Leah Horlick’s first collection, Riot Lung (Thistledown Press), offers a journey of seasons and subtle sexual explorations. Throughout this enlightening collection, Horlick travels from a St-Louis drive-in to the subways of New York City to a hotel in her hometown, Saskatoon. No matter what city Horlick is writing about, she has the power to transport… read more