Reader Meet Author: Personal Advice from Author Laurie Weeks

Do you have problems with your love life? Hate your job? Your social life lacking that certain zing? All questions can be answered through literature—or maybe at least by the people who create it. With that in mind, we here at The Lambda Literary Review have started our very own advice column called “Reader Meet Author.”

This month’s column is handled by author Laurie Weeks…. read more

Laurie Weeks: Making Magic Out of the Real

“I’m trying to find my own map to some zone that offers the potential to reclaim simple awareness and curiosity and connection, as well as a devotional kind of re-enchantment of the ordinary in a country where utter disenchantment of the world is the norm.”… read more

'Zipper Mouth' by Laurie Weeks

Momentum has a language, and in her long awaited debut novel Zipper Mouth (Feminist Press), Laurie Weeks speaks it fluidly. Every verb pops, and sentences fling themselves forward with colorful climax. In a slim 158 pages, there may not be a denouement—no coming of age, no epiphany, no peak accomplishment—but there is so much movement… read more