Fieldwork in Being a Brown Man

“If you don’t have a father in your life, or if the only male figures in your life are [screw-ups], to whom do you turn to learn things you want to know?”… read more

'Looking for The Gulf Motel' by Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco’s Looking for The Gulf Motel (University of Pittsburgh Press) is a compelling series of poems that explore Blanco’s Cuban heritage and his journey from adolescence to manhood…… read more

Gay Latino Poet Richard Blanco has been Chosen as the 2013 Inaugural Poet

Poet Richard Blanco (Looking for the Gulf Motel) has been chosen to be the nation’s fifth inaugural poet. The Presidential Inaugural Committee made the official announcement Wednesday morning. Blanco is the youngest poet “— as well as the first Latino — to take part in an inaugural ceremony.” … read more

Jennifer Benka Named the Executive Director of the Academy of American Poets

What’s new in literature in the LGBT community? On June 11, 2012,  Jennifer Benka, was announced as the new Executive Director for the Academy of American Poets after years of dedication to varies sectors in nonprofit organizations. Alongside her many achievements working with nonprofit organizations, Benka has written two collections of poetry, Pinko and A… read more

'Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992' by Chantal Regnault

Chronicling the years when voguing exploded into public consciousness and went from uptown New York to downtown, from the ballroom to the boardroom and into people’s living rooms, Chantal Regnault’s photographs in Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992 (Soul Jazz Books) capture the excitement and longing of a sub-section of the city’s gay creative energy…… read more

'Glow of Our Sweat' by Francisco Aragón

Coming out is a process as endless as its audiences, Francisco Aragón aptly quotes Kenji Yoshino in Glow of Our Sweat (Scapegoat Press), Aragón’s latest book, which is really two books in one. The first part is a collection of poems, but the key to truly appreciating these poems comes from reading the Part II:… read more

'Normal Miguel' by Erik Orrantia

Set in the state of Puebla in southern Mexico, Erik Orrantia’s debut novel, Normal Miguel (Cheyenne), offers a unique experience for English readers: a heart-warming story about a young Mexican teacher in search of his soul in a rural, mostly-indigenous community. 25-year-old Miguel Hernández is openly gay, and even in mostly-liberal Mexico City, he cannot… read more

Queering the Literary Canon: Vicente de la Rosa, the Dress Thief in 'Don Quixote'

Don Quixote, one of the greatest works of world literature, has been the object of academic studies since the inception of Queer Theory in the critical apparatus. The well-known possibility of Miguel de Cervantes’ homosexuality, the main character’s relationship with his male companion and his idealization of the impossible and inexistent heterosexual love, and other… read more

Women Share Sweet Words @ La Dulce Palabra

Give a listen to La Dulce Palabra Spoken Word Ensemble. Drawing on episodes from their lives and recognizing the importance of oral storytelling in Latino culture, the ensemble’s members use poetry to express their emotions and share their experiences with audiences. “The poems are about things from our own pasts, things we want to talk… read more

Submissions: Men of Color Erotic Anthology

Burrow Publishing is seeking submissions for the hottest and rawest erotica book compilation (gay and bisexual) to be released in 2010. Stories should prominently feature men of color…. read more