'Red-Inked Retablos' by Rigoberto González

In Red-Inked Retablos, author Rigoberto González recalls speaking to a literature class where a young man approached him with a question. The student asked González, if growing up gay in the Latino community was so difficult, why he continues to go back to it. González quickly responded, “Because I love my people.”… read more

Luis Negrón: The Cruel Gay World

“[…]’gayness’ questions the idea that society has of itself.”

In a wry voice that seamlessly combines both sincerity and camp, Luis Negrón’s Mundo Cruel examines how desire, love, and sexuality simultaneously inspire and warp the citizens of Santurce, Puerto Rico…. read more

'Mundo Cruel' by Luis Negrón

Mundo Cruel is a shrewd celebration of subversion, to be sure, but for all its bravado the broader point here is a quiet reaffirmation that we all possess the innate capacity to subvert the status quo…. read more

'Glow of Our Sweat' by Francisco Aragón

Coming out is a process as endless as its audiences, Francisco Aragón aptly quotes Kenji Yoshino in Glow of Our Sweat (Scapegoat Press), Aragón’s latest book, which is really two books in one. The first part is a collection of poems, but the key to truly appreciating these poems comes from reading the Part II:… read more

'Chulito' by Charles Rice-González

This dazzling debut takes the coming-out, coming-of-age narrative and gives it a fresh landscape, namely, the Bronx urban scene, where the street codes are “mixed into the concrete and asphalt that was used to build the neighborhood.”… read more

'We the Animals' by Justin Torres

Justin Torres’ We the Animals  (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is all the best one hopes to encounter in a young author’s debut novel: all the raw emotion just past processing the wounds accumulated during adolescence, all the nostalgia for life as it was then mixed with the realizations of the convoluted beauty life reveals itself to be,… read more

'Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing' edited by Lázaro Lima and Felice Picano

In his introduction to Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing (University of Wisconsin Press), co-editor Lázaro Lima defines this slim volume’s scope as an opening statement in a growing conversation, one that confronts the bias of mainstream American cultural constructs and seeks “to envision a different kind of national culture.”… read more

'Mariposas' by Emanuel Xavier

Although Cuban-American Rafael Campo is a much anthologized, multiple-award winning poet and author, it remains difficult for openly gay Latino writers to be published, and challenging for readers to discover their work. As poet (Pier Queen, Americanos) and novelist (Christ-Like) Emanuel Xavier notes, “There have been many books gathering voices from the Latino experience but… read more