'Viral' by Suzanne Parker

How do you sleep when the siren is your own exhaled cry: “Oh Christ” –From “Only Kissing”, by Suzanne Parker As a queer literary community, we often are tasked with the responsibility to address collective trauma: coming out, dysfunctional family dynamics, the AIDs crisis, hate crimes, suicide. The list is longer than we can imagine,… read more

'Arusha' by J.E. Knowles

Lambda Award Finalist Arusha is a place in Africa, the setting for peace accords to bring calm to a region torn by many things. The book Arusha, the debut novel by J.E. Knowles, cleaves to this theme. A family struggles to come to its own peace accords: between husband and wife, between mother and children,… read more

'Map' by Audrey Beth Stein

Lambda Award Finalist Map is a memoir about first same-sex love that reads like a page-turning novel. Audrey is a college senior who has declared a major but not a sexual orientation. She has dated a couple of guys but now has a crush on school friend A.J., who happens to be a girl. She… read more

'Gay American Autobiography' Edited by David Bergman

Lambda Award Finalist It’s got everything, almost, this painstakingly inclusive anthology hosted by David Bergman, earnest pioneer in unearthing disregarded gay and lesbian autobiographical writings. The jacket copy can’t be improved on: here’s “a diverse array of American men of African, European, Jewish, Asian, and Latino heritage,” with “tattoo artists and academics, composers and drag… read more