'Nightingale' by Andrea Bramhall

Charlie Porter is an out and proud young woman who’s delayed starting college to recuperate from losing her first love to tragedy. While auditioning for a place in a prestigious music program, Charlie has a chance encounter with Hazar Alim, a pianist and the accompanist for the program auditions. The title of this story, Nightingale,… read more

Jim Provenzano: Muscle Memory

The love between teen boyfriends Reid Conniff and Everett Forrester is threatened when Everett suffers a disabling sports injury in Every Time I Think of You, the 2012 Lambda Award winning romance novel by Jim Provenzano.  It is a theme that Provenzano explored in his first novel, PINS (Myrmidude Press, 1999).  I wondered what meaning sports injuries have for him personally, and for his work
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Poetry Spotlight: Lambda Literary Award Winners

This week, enjoy a special double-feature Spotlight with work from the winners of the two poetry categories from this year’s Lambda Literary Awards: “femmes are film stars” from Love Cake by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (TSAR Publications), and “After a Line by Ted Berrigan” from A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos edited by David Trinidad (Nightboat Books)…. read more

S. Bear Bergman: Allowing All Children to See Themselves

This week author S. Bear Bergman rocked the Internet with the launch of a kickstarter campaign for Flamingo Rampant!, a new press focused on the creation of gender independent children’s books.

Lambda sat down with Bear to talk about the books, the decision to create an independence press, and what the money which continues to flow in above the initial ask will allow them to create.
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Hello, Cruel World: Kate Bornstein, Internet Hate and the Safety of Books

On Youtube there is an interview with Lambda Literary award winning writer Kate Bornstein, promoting Borstein’s then-new book Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws (Seven Stories Press), essentially a suicide survival guide. The interview takes a turn towards the disturbing when Kate opens up the discussion for callers…. read more

'Assuming a Body: Transgender and the Rhetorics of Materiality' by Gayle Salamon

2011 Lambda Literary Award Winner In her exciting and provocative book Assuming a Body: Transgender and the Rhetorics of Materiality, Gayle Salamon argues the normativity of the transgender body, or perhaps more accurately, that the very sense that marks one as transgender—the gap between the felt sense of being one gender while inhabiting the body… read more