KG MacGregor: Love is All Around

Awww romance! People like reading about adoration almost as much as they like feeling it. It’s literature’s great everlasting theme. Award-winning romance writer and Lambda Literary Foundation board member Sue Greer, aka KG MacGregor, was kind enough to share her thoughts with the Lambda Literary Review about the popularity of romance writing–specifically in regards to lesbian… read more

Cris Beam: Balancing the Artful and the Representational

“I think that whenever you’re writing a book about a community or an idea that is widely misunderstood you are always balancing on this precipice between art, education, loyalty to the community and a feeling of responsibility to treat the topic very carefully.” Cris Beam’s new novel I Am J (Little, Brown Books) offers an in… read more

'Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City' ed. by Ariel Gore

Lambda Award Winner The pretty-damn-great collection of stories called Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City should come with a CD tucked inside. Not with music, though many of the stories thump and run with remarkable rhythm, but the CD should be filled with recordings of the authors reading their stories. Seriously. I’m not arguing… read more

'Zero At The Bone' by Stacie Cassarino

Lambda Award Winner Stacie Cassarino’s Zero at the Bone is an emotionally devastating collection of poems examining the complexities of loss and desire. Winner of the 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry, Cassarino asserts herself as a poet of great skill in this debut collection. She deftly moves between the precision and sterility of… read more

'Time After Time' by JP Bowie & 'The Rest of Our Lives' by Dan Stone

TIME AFTER TIME JP Bowie MLR Press ISBN: 9781608200566 Paperback, 288p Lambda Award Finalist Michael, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, is bequeathed a large sum of money along with property on the English countryside. He soon learns the house was the former home of his gay uncle, whose partner died under mysterious circumstances and… read more

Sacchi Green Gets Speculative

Sacchi Green is the erotica-writing pseudonym for Connie Wilkins, and she’s got a list of publishing credits that’s about a mile long. She identifies as a life-long bisexual with strong lesbian leanings, and is definitely a muse for many a lesbian writer. Most recently, she won the 2010 Lambda Award in the Lesbian Erotica category for… read more

'Expressway' and 'Unleashed' by Sina Queyras

Sina Queyras’s two new books share some of the same concerns. Queyras asks in both her poetry and her prose, how do we move around in the world? How do our means of transport affect our engagements in the world? What are the consequences of how we move on how we think? In spite of… read more

'Blue Boy' by Rakesh Satyal

Lambda Award Winner Many gay coming of age stories, in fiction and in real life, share some common elements: the lonely protagonist who feels isolated and misunderstood, a disapproving father, a doting but bewildered mother, and a mob of cruel, taunting peers. Often there are many humiliating experiences, awkward attempts at friendship, budding sexuality, a… read more