'Viral' by Suzanne Parker

How do you sleep when the siren is your own exhaled cry: “Oh Christ” –From “Only Kissing”, by Suzanne Parker As a queer literary community, we often are tasked with the responsibility to address collective trauma: coming out, dysfunctional family dynamics, the AIDs crisis, hate crimes, suicide. The list is longer than we can imagine,… read more

'The Desperates' by Greg Kearney

In The Desperates, a potent debut novel and current Lammy nominee for gay fiction, Canadian Greg Kearney mines fairly specific territory—cancer and chemotherapy, life with HIV, methamphetamine, fantasies of self-destruction—to uncover provocative insights about broader themes like birth and death, and family […] … read more

'Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club' by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

The seven stories in this simply but beautifully written, haunted and haunting collection are told from the point of view of male protagonists. Many are teenagers with artistic interests, or adult visual artists or writers, and it is difficult not to see these men as stand-ins for the author, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, an award-winning poet,… read more

'A Horse Named Sorrow' by Trebor Healey

A Horse Named Sorrow has the musicality of a punk rock anthem; as a reader, you experience the same sensation of seeing your favorite underground band perform live, singing along with the unforgettable lyrics that have defined your youth…… read more

Ivan Coyote: On Queer Youth, Spoken Word, and the Writing Life

“I think it is definitely easier to come out, but not necessarily easier to be out. There are more queer role models out there, for sure, but we have to ask ourselves if the role models presented to us by popular culture are realistic ones…”

Ivan Coyote’s stories (both on and off the page) have been described as the “good old-fashioned kitchen table” kind and are a brilliant combination of funny, surprising, and painful, but most of all, honest in a way that renders each narrative beautiful. This year, Arsenal Pulp Press released Ivan’s newest collection of stories, One in Every Crowd, a book written specifically for queer youth. Ivan was kind enough to speak with the Lambda Literary Review about the book, the kids who inspired it, and working as a writer/performer.
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'My Sister Chaos' by Lara Fergus

The world of My Sister Chaos (Spinifex Press) is disconcerting. Always near the surface of this quiet and speculative methodical tale is the fact that we are in a time of crisis…. read more