'Everything Must Go' by La JohnJoseph

The novel offers enough enjoyment alone from a quick jaunt through the wordplay and humorous juxtaposition of images and characters. But ultimately, Everything Must Go begs multiple readings to chew on those serious questions about whether our world is worth saving […]… read more

La JohnJoseph: It's the End of the World as We Know It

“I’m actually really into pretending that I’m Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom for my readings. I like to put on my antique crystal earrings and a chic frock, and reading in an almost bedtime story style, this utterly malicious and repugnant novel.”… read more

Scholar Amalia Ziv on Being Queer and it's Importance as an Identity

In a recent interview with Haazretz, Tel Aviv based scholar and author Amalia Ziv talks about her life as a parent and her new book, subtitled Queer Theory, Pornography and the Politics of Sexuality, which explores why ‘queer’ is a more up to date term than ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’—among other topics. Attending to this issue, Ziv explains… read more