‘Moment of Weakness’ by KG MacGregor

Moment of Weakness begins at what appears to be a tragic end to a once idyllic relationship between Suzann “Zann” Redecker, a wounded warrior, and Marleigh Anderhall, a local reporter. However, that’s actually the start of this fascinating tale… read more

Remembering Nene Adams,1966-2015

A born storyteller who found inspiration in everything around her, Adams took lesbian readers through the cobblestones of Victorian England, the brothels of Shogun Japan, and the wilds of the Yukon
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‘Life After Love’ by KG MacGregor

Is life after love even a possibility? Bea Lawson certainly isn’t convinced. It’s okay, though, because Bea isn’t interested in pursuing a permanent relationship with anyone. She’s convinced that her life with her dog, Dexter, and the friendships she has, especially with Kit, one of her employees, and Kit’s wife, Marta, is more than enough…. read more

KG MacGregor: Love is All Around

Awww romance! People like reading about adoration almost as much as they like feeling it. It’s literature’s great everlasting theme. Award-winning romance writer and Lambda Literary Foundation board member Sue Greer, aka KG MacGregor, was kind enough to share her thoughts with the Lambda Literary Review about the popularity of romance writing–specifically in regards to lesbian… read more

'Rhapsody' by KG MacGregor

Rhapsody is a hope-filled tale of healing—the healing of a painful past, hidden behind a mask—and the hope of overcoming it. Ashley Giraud, well-established, popular TV4 anchor has worked her way to the top from the wrong side of the tracks via a Miss Missouri title. Through hard work and dedication, Ashley has been able… read more

'Mother Load' by KG MacGregor

Mother Load (Bella Books) by Lambda Literary Award winner KG MacGregor features Anna and Lily Kaklis. The two women have decided to add to their family and give their five-year-old adopted son, Andy, a brother or sister. When the doctor announces they are pregnant, both women are ecstatic, but wish it hadn’t happened at this… read more

6 Sizzling New Romances

New books are rolling off the presses faster than we can read them! Independent, small presses and major publishing houses alike are offering the kind of well-written lesbian fiction, with multi-dimensional characters that are worth a reader’s time. As the season heats up here are 6 new novels to consider from KG MacGregor’s cruise companion,… read more