'Bend to It' by Kevin Simmonds

“It would be redundant to ask if Simmonds plays an instrument when his voice is an instrument, a conduit of incomparable depth and range.”… read more

'Mad for Meat' by Kevin Simmonds

Few young poets today write with the lacerating chutzpah of Langston Hughes’ “Dream Deferred,” Gwendolyn Brooks’ “The Mother,” or Ginsberg’s “Please Master,” so imagine my delight when I picked up a copy of Kevin Simmonds’ first solo collection… … read more

Azwan Ismail: Not a Revolutionary in the Abstract

“I’m always interested in the idea of the sacred and profane. I’m a very spiritual and sexual person. Liberating my spirituality, by being irreligious, and my sexuality, by coming out, empowered me more.” Azwan Ismail is an engineer, poet and editor in Kuala Lumpur. He came to my attention last year when his It Gets… read more