And the Winner is...

Envy the judges who were privileged to weigh the merits of the five finalists in Gay Romance for the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, but pity them, too, because they can only pick one winner, a task I would personally find impossible to do. The reader of any of these outstanding gay romances will be… read more

J.H. Trumble: Beyond Self-Awareness

“I want readers to find themselves in this novel, to see their own potential for greatness, authenticity, to understand that they are not their mistakes and that others do not have the power to define them unless we give them that power, and to see that there is great power in time and perseverance.”… read more

'Sweet Like Sugar' by Wayne Hoffman

Sweet Like Sugar (Kensington Books) is a charming novel that describes the convergence of a young man’s openly gay identity with his previously pushed aside Jewish beliefs. Benji Steiner is a 26-year-old secular Jew. Benji was raised in a Conservative Jewish family. As a young man, he attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah…. read more

14 HIV-Positive Characters in Literature

From Precious to Richard Brown When the HIV pandemic began to garner national attention in the early 1980s, it was met with general hysteria. Tenants believed to have AIDS were evicted from their homes and the Social Security Administration interviewed patients by phone, fearing the virus would be passed to employees through face to face… read more

'Hard and Fast' by Sean Wolfe

Hard and Fast (Kensington) was a good read. It met my criteria: My dick responded. I was relieved to pick up a book or porno and after reading the first two pages know I wanted to read the rest of the story. Sean Wolfe is a compassionate, erotic master. His characters come alive as human… read more

'Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher' by Monica Nolan

Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher is a clever throwback to the pulp novels of the 50’s. Taken at face value, it would be preposterous—but reading it as the satire it is, Bobby Blanchard is a quick, fun read, ideal for subway, summer, or simply salacious reading. The story centers on Bobby Blanchard, a once celebrated… read more

'Between Boyfriends' by Michael Salvatore

Award-winning playwright Michael Griffo makes his fiction debut with the romance comedy, {Between} Boyfriends. Griffo writes under the pen name of Michael Salvatore which, as he explains on his website, is his middle name. But novelist Salvatore could have better channeled playwright Griffo’s skills because Griffo must know what Salvatore forgets—timing is everything. While there… read more

'The Road Home' by Michael Thomas Ford

The reason most accidents occur within five miles of home is that we think we’ve arrived, so we stop paying attention. Michael Thomas Ford explores this paradox in the life of a successful photographer, whose journey home promises astonishing surprises if he can learn to look around. As promised by the title, The Road Home… read more