'Jazz Moon' by Joe Okonkwo

Jazz Moon, in part, is a love story. The beautiful complicated love story of main character Ben Charles, a burgeoning poet from the south who arrives in New York in the midst of the Harlem Renaissance…. read more

'Now and Yesterday' by Stephen Greco

Fresh out of college, Peter moved to New York City in 1975. Wide-eyed and determined to make it as a poet, he and his boyfriend, Harold, moved into a place in Brooklyn, ready to face whatever hurdles came their way. Fast-forward to 2012, Peter is a bigwig at an advertising agency and Harold has long… read more

'Pee-Shy' by Frank Spinelli

Frank Spinelli’s memoir is about suffering sexual abuse as a child; the rupture it caused within his family; and his journey to wholeness, a goal attained only after harrowing effort…. read more

GunnShots: Fall 2012

Here are my recommendations for good reads in crime fiction for this fall: ten novels by Rob Byrnes, Dorien Grey, Steve Neil Johnson, Geoffrey Knight/Ethan Day, Christopher Lord, Elliott Mackle, Melissa Scott, Scott Sherman, Richard Stevenson, and Mark Zubro as well as two short stories by Marshall Thornton and Zubro. They are all, with the… read more

'If I Told You So' by Timothy Woodward

Timothy Woodward’s debut novel If I Told You So (Kensington) chronicles experiences familiar to many queer folks: the nervous, terrified thrill of accepting yourself, of coming out, of falling in love for the first time and realizing that who you are is not a passing phase. For sixteen-year-old Sean Jackson, these are packed into one summer, and… read more

Bits & Pieces: Summer Lesbian Mystery Roundup

With yet another global warming summer upon us, it’s time to head to the beach, the mountains or maybe just to an air-conditioned room with some good suspense reading. And if perhaps there’s a little romance tossed in, who could complain? Some of us never need an excuse to read mysteries or romance, but for… read more

GunnShots: Fall 2011

The end of a hot and extremely dry summer brought a number of enjoyable distractions. Richard Stevenson’s latest Don Strachey case shows author and P.I. back in top form, thirty years after their debut. There were second novels from Joseph R.G. DeMarco and Scott Sherman. Jordan Castillo Price and Andrea Speed continued their alternate universe… read more

'The Evolution of Ethan Poe' by Robin Reardon

With The Evolution of Ethan Poe (Kensington Books), Robin Reardon provides a fresh, engaging example of why the coming out story is not irrelevant, instead a crucial, continuing story with countless raw variations. Yet narrator Ethan’s coming out is only part of Evolution’s larger narrative focusing on a rural Maine town’s debate over integrating Intelligent… read more

'Sweet Like Sugar' by Wayne Hoffman

Sweet Like Sugar (Kensington Books) is a charming novel that describes the convergence of a young man’s openly gay identity with his previously pushed aside Jewish beliefs. Benji Steiner is a 26-year-old secular Jew. Benji was raised in a Conservative Jewish family. As a young man, he attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah…. read more