Jon Macy: Queer Visual Splendor

“What people don’t get is that adult themes are not just restricted to prose; they are perfectly suited to comics as well.”

Graphic novelist Jon Macy took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about the power of queer comics, creating erotic material, and his Lambda Award winning graphic novel Teleny and Camille…. read more

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and Sassafras Lowrey Discuss the Queer Margins

Sassafras Lowrey, an author and advocate for homeless LGBT youth, chats with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore about gay culture, queer writers, and their new works. Lowrey’s new book, titled Roving Pack, explores the lives of homeless queer teenagers. Sycamore is the editor of the in-your-face new work, Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Flaming Challenges… read more

'No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics' edited by Justin Hall

Somebody needed to do this: compile a knowledgeable, historical collection of queer comics. But the task was daunting in more ways than one. There’s the difficulty of curating any historical collection to include the most representative art works and artists of the era. But queer comics pose an added challenge, as many were published by underground, indie and non-mainstream publishers, or were self-published…… read more

Publishing Queer: Marketing and Creating Queer Comic Books And Graphic Novels

GLBTQ comic book geeks unite! On Sunday, December 4, LLF executive director Tony Valenzuela participated in a gay comic book publishing panel/discussion at this year’s Bent-Con: a convention that encourages, celebrates and appreciates LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic-book, scifi, fantasy and horror artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, and producers, that create media targeted directly to LGBT audiences or the larger realm of… read more

Justin Hall: Queering Comic Books

“One of the most important aspects of comic books as a medium is how it manipulates time. In a very profound sense, the language of comics is an allegorical description of time and movement in a static form. This allows for a complexity that no other medium can touch.” Justin Hall is a cartoonist and… read more