'In Full Velvet' by Jenny Johnson

Johnson’s language celebrates the natural world, bringing ecology into the world of lesbians, suggesting both that people can be queer anywhere … read more

'Collected Poems' by Naomi Replansky

Naomi Replansky’s Collected Poems gathers poems from her first two collections, published in 1952 and 1994, as well as new and previously uncollected poems…. read more

'A Simple Revolution' by Judy Grahn

For over forty years, Judy Grahn’s poems, novels, and non-fiction works have shaped feminist and LGBTQ consciousness. Her literary and theoretical output is formidable. Grahn is one of the greatest lesbian-feminist and queer theorists living today. In her new memoir, A Simple Revolution (Aunt Lute), Grahn delights readers with a book that artfully blends memoir,… read more