'Her Kind': A Look at VIDA's Online Forum

In May of 2012, VIDA launched Her Kind, an online forum to allow for conversation between women writers on a national scale.

Her Kind editors Rosebud Ben-Oni and Arisa White took some time to have an in-depth discussion with Lambda Literary about the role of Her Kind in the women’s literary community and the ideas it seeks to promote…. read more

D.A. Powell: A Wonderful Queer Place

“Poetry serves as a place for us to renew our relationship with language, and as such, it’s always going to feel a little esoteric, a little outside of the norm in terms of what gets valued in our culture.”

Poet D.A. Powell took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about his new book, Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys, and his thoughts about contemporary poetry…. read more

Elizabeth J. Colen: Grand Conspiracy Theories

“…I realized that what conspiracy theories are—if they aren’t true—are our way of seeking order, of making sense of the chaos of these terrible events…”

In her recent book of poems, Waiting Up for the End of the World, Elizabeth J. Colen examines conspiracy theories from the 20th and 21st centuries—anything from Area 51, the fluoride conspiracy, chemtrails, the North American Union, the assassination of JFK, and much more.

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