'The Evening Chorus' by Helen Humphreys

The power of The Evening Chorus is accumulation: a plot that unfolds at a comfortable pace, characters that feel usual, even ordinary, and thus interesting in their familiarity, and exquisite sentences… read more

'Sisterhood' by Julie R. Enszer

There are primary and secondary definitions of sisterhood: one relating to blood sisters, and one relating to any community of women. In her second collection of poems, Julie R. Enszer holds both definitions close with evocative results…. read more

'Butch Geography' by Stacey Waite

Let us make the sounds we were never meant to make. Let us curse. Let us drive. Let us grill steak in the yard. Here I am, gender. Tell me again the girl I should be, please, just say it quietly, so no one will hear…. read more

'When She Woke' by Hillary Jordan

When She Woke (Algonquin Books) is compelling as a feminist reader from the first page to the last. In a moment where women’s bodies and our access to reproductive control are fodder for political and religious aggrandizement, When She Woke is a chilling reminder of what could happen, if we don’t speak out….. read more