Choire Sicha: Love and Commerce in the Big City

“Definitely the set of gay men who are now under 30 are distinctly different from those of us who are older. Many of the young people I’ve met who were born in the 90s don’t, for instance, give a damn about being gay. For some of them, it’s really almost a non-issue, and they don’t care.”

Writer Choire Sicha spoke with Lambda Literary about his new book, A Very Recent History, the Michael Bloomberg years, and capturing contemporary gay life in New York City. … read more

'Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America' by Colin R. Johnson

The popular narrative of gay liberation seems inseparable from the urban landscape. From the drag balls of 1920s Harlem to the Stonewall Riots to the devastation of HIV/AIDS, rural America’s participation in gay history is largely restricted to its renowned repressiveness, propelling gay men and women to coastal cities where they find tolerance and each… read more