'How To Be Gay' by David M. Halperin

Contrary to what conservatives feared back in 2000 when he taught his first course at the University of Michigan titled “How to Be Gay”, David Halperin does not have a “Straight to Sissy in Five Easy Steps” method of indoctrinating youths into the gay lifestyle. How to Be Gay is not an instruction manual, nor is it a “learning to love yourself” self-help guide. Rather, Halperin’s book is an intervention against those who trumpet the “death of gay culture.”… read more

Banned in Richmond: Helen Gurley Brown

I got to know Helen when I was her publicist—at St. Martin’s Press—for her penultimate book I’m Wild Again: Snippets From My Life and a Few Brazen Thoughts. She was an infinitely read-out-loud-on-the-beach-quotable original in the vein of fashion legend Diana Vreeland and movie star Joan Crawford. A hero for women? Sure. Gay icon? Absolutely…. read more