'Giraffe People' by Jill Malone

Jill Malone’s Giraffe People (Bywater Books) is a rich exploration of character Cole Peters’s adolescent angst: difficult parents, irascible siblings, evil teachers, and then of course friendship, sexuality, and identity, the fraught trifecta of adolescent transition: God, family, and country are right behind it…. read more

'A Field Guide to Deception' by Jill Malone

This is Jill Malone’s second novel. Her first, Red Audrey and The Roping, won the Bywater Prize for Fiction, which is how she came to be contracted for this second novel, also published by Bywater Books. Her characters are sharply drawn. Liv, the hardworking, hard-drinking, hard-playing construction contractor, works for Claire, the single mother of… read more

Triangle Awards and Ferro-Grumley Award Finalists announced

LGBT Book Awards Season is in full swing, and this morning the finalists for the Publishing Triangle’s 22nd Annual Triangle Awards as well as the Ferro-Grumley Award nominees were announced. The award ceremony will take place in New York City on April 29, 2010. Honorees include professor and editor Blanche Wiesen Cook and publicist Michele Karlsberg. Book… read more

21st Annual Lambda Literary Awards

LGBT Anthologies | LGBT Childrens/Young Adult | LGBT Drama | LGBT Nonfiction LGBT Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror | LGBT Studies | Bisexual | Transgender | Lesbian Debut Fiction | Gay Debut Fiction | Lesbian Erotica | Gay Erotica | Lesbian Fiction | Gay Fiction | Lesbian Memoir/Biography | Men’s Memoir/Biography | Lesbian Mystery | Gay Mystery | Lesbian… read more