In the News: James Baldwin, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Comic-Con 2011

Facing homophobia from the black community during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, did James Baldwin ever hesitate in being true to himself in his work? That question is explored in the new play Waiting 4 Giovanni, whose name is taken from Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room…. read more

Jewelle Gomez: The 20th Anniversary of The Gilda Stories

“As a black woman, Gilda recognizes situations that put her in jeopardy. As a vampire she has power to overcome these situations, but she knows that other people don’t have that same privilege. She experiences life as a black woman, but she has privilege as a vampire…” Author, poet, playwright and activist Jewelle Gomez (JG)… read more

Cheryl Clarke: The Never-Ending Resource that is Black Queerness

“There is queer activism in the African diaspora and wherever that movement is, there is always cultural production.” I was introduced to the iconic Cheryl Clarke while organizing a conference on spirituality and sexuality with writer and scholar Ashon T. Crawley for the Newark Pride Alliance in Newark, NJ in 2008. Ashon and I marveled… read more

Victoria Brownworth: The Activist Writer

“I turn everything into activism.” Columnist, editor, award-winning journalist, cancer survivor, community leader and cat shelterer is adding a new title to her CV: publisher. Her new imprint, Tiny Satchel Press aims to provide smart, thoughtful books for young LGBT readers—especially queer readers of color. We chatted via email about her newly released anthology of… read more

Dispatches from Saints & Sinners 2010: Part 2 Opening Night Party

The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival kicked off with a reading from the anthology New Fiction from the Festival, upstairs at the Bourbon Pub’s Parade disco. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that room when all the lights were on. My high school pals and I used to sneak in and dance there in… read more