A New Way of Living

“[…] our love of the immortality of poems can be dangerous if it narrows our aspirations as poets and if it narrows our ideas about what a poem can do.”… read more

'Divining Divas' ed. by Michael Montlack

One-hundred pages into Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses, I stopped thinking of it as a book and started thinking of it as a party. At the party, I was the guest of honor and all of the poets kept telling me how much they loved my hair—as a woman, reading Divining Divas… read more

The Ferocity: Fierce Manifesto

FIERCE—Middle English: from Old French fiers ‘fierce, brave, proud,’ from Latin ferus ‘untamed.’ Compare with feral. The word “fierce” is in danger of being defanged. Somewhere in between Tyra Banks throwing “fierce” around like used fake eyelashes and President Obama campaigning as a “fierce advocate” in spite of his galling ambiguity (and that’s a rather… read more

'Please' by Jericho Brown

Brown is a generous writer—he never forgets his audience, never turns his back or forgets that you’ve paid your admission.  He starts by explaining himself, opening the collection with an ars poetica, “Track 1: Lush Life.”  It begins, “The woman with the microphone sings to hurt you” (7).   Like one of Dante’s tormented, he has… read more